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Do not follow the advice given by everyone. Do not play with this disease – Giriraj Kaushalya

Do not follow the advice given by everyone. Do not play with this disease – Giriraj Kaushalya

Over the past week, several artists in our country have been infected with the corona virus.So one of them is Giriraj Kaushalya, who plays Kukula Mudalali, a very popular character these days, who also had to face this experience.So he had commented on that bitter experience the other day. When he was asked how Corona came to be, he answered in this way, I can’t even imagine where this came from. I went to filming in two places before I was infected with this virus. But neither of those two, as far as I know, was a Covid 19-year-old patient. So I have no doubt. That he grew up in such a place.Can’t believe it.

So I can’t even imagine where it came from. I go to shopping malls thinking that I am a healthy person too. I do not know if he grew up in such a place. I’m a person who takes both doses frequently on hand and disinfects hands on every transaction. Someone who followed all the health guidelines.all that, I think at some point I may have made a mistake. I may have been infected without realizing it. Otherwise I am not sure if I grew up close to any person.The answer to the question of where you came from.

Before I developed this virus, I appealed to various institutions and various political associates as well as artists involved in politics to make this vaccine available to artists as soon as possible. Because they are the only ones I know who do the same job without wearing a mask.You have to act without wearing a mask for the fact that you are acting. Actors and actresses are not able to cast at other times. So I think the focus is on the actors.At first I felt something like a cold. It’s normal for me. I had the pain anyway. That’s why I got flat before my age .. I didn’t even care that this cold might have been like that.

The next day I had diarrhea. It didn’t matter that much because it was often eaten in shops. After that I had to go to the city for a filming the next day so I packed up and started shaving in the morning. When I picked up the shave after shaving, I could not smell it at all.Then he talked to his wife and kissed things like the camphor ball incense burner. I tried to sniff out things that often smelled. Does it smell? Then I told my wife that Mangalika’s work was not good and that she had to go for a shoot in the evening. Then you have to go in one vehicle. That’s not good. I went to the Jayewardenepura Hospital to check this.The hospital had a long queue. After a while the first call came to me and I asked our groomsmen where Uncle was. I asked how you know. No, someone there called me and told me that Giriraj was waiting in line to do the trick. After that it would take about an hour for the results to come. So there is a shout out saying whether it is positive or not.

When I went ahead with the name I said you were positive. The positive ones have to go somewhere else. I was told to go there. Then I went there and called Kokila Pawan again before telling his wife to take a phone call. Uncle is positive, isn’t he?That means the groom knows before he even tells the family. I think positive. The media is so powerful. That a friend of his who was there had called him. The world knows before you tell your family. Other things for me. That too is happiness.

A few days later, his wife also developed symptoms. His PCR. Did one. That too was positive. There are about ten days left until the end of our term. However, I did not have much difficulty at first. But the slightest difficulty in breathing, the ones that hurt the body. The ones that don’t taste good. They even came with fevers that came like a fever when talking.But things did not go as planned. In addition, many doctors spoke, including doctors related to my two daughters. Especially my two daughters and my two nephews were a great strength to me. Everyone spoke like my cousins. Even the wife’s relatives helped a lot. From then until today our lady has not yet had a pit stove.This is what I personally think. Do not follow the advice given by everyone. Only follow the advice of trusted doctors. Don’t be afraid of this. Do not leave this without caring about the disease. Take great care of little children.

Be very caring about their elders. Do your duty properly at this time. Probably a factor as to why they’re doing so poorly. There are a lot of young people I know who have not yet been vaccinated. It is their duty to be vaccinated and to stay healthy.Only when faced with this do we know the dangers and inconveniences of it. At this moment, it is their responsibility to get the vaccine and follow the health and safety measures. And don’t hide from anyone.He finally appealed to his beloved audience to warmly urge everyone to do their part as a true role model.

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