Now I have more responsibilities. When I was at home, my mother did all my work - Seshadri Priyasad

Now I have more responsibilities. When I was at home, my mother did all my work – Seshadri Priyasad

Now I have more responsibilities. When I was at home, my mother did all my work – Seshadri Priyasad

The wedding bell rang for an art star on the 25th of August. That is Seshadri Priyasad. She was the second daughter of the Priyasad family and had decided to get married.Seshadri Priyasad, a beloved actress who has become very popular among the fans, is working in the field of acting. She shook hands with Krishan Malan Perera, a member of a popular band. This is how Seshadri had commented on her new life.This is what she said about the new life she started over and over and over. “It’s been two weeks since the new life. Everything in life is new. Everything is quite different than at home. Everything has changed from waking up in the morning to going to bed at night. It’s still in shape.

Because of the corona we could not go anywhere for a walk. I think I got married at the best of times. Because this is the best time for us to get a better understanding of ourselves. I do not regret what I did not get. We are both satisfied with what we have received. ”This is what she said about her simple wedding. “I had been planning to get married in August for a year. The date we planned changed at the last minute. One day a change happened. I wanted my marriage to take place according to the Catholic religion of the church. I had no intention of having a big wedding anyway. I wanted to see only my closest ones coming to the wedding. I do not want to have a wedding that everyone is talking about.It’s not about the wedding, it’s about the way you live after marriage. ”

Isn’t it a different experience to get married even though it is simple at a time like this when the corona epidemic has intensified? “I accept everything in my life as a blessing. I believe that everything happens according to God’s will. I had a different idea about marriage with the problems I had before in my life.We planned everything for the wedding for a year. I spent most of my time arranging for the wedding to take place according to the Catholic Church. One day I went and took my sari. Made Krishan’s dress. We had no choice. ”

Then she recalled her love story. “We don’t have a big story to say. He is an old friend of mine and Dinakshi sister. In 2010, Akki and I did a TV show. Krishan had come to that program. He has been a good friend of ours ever since. Akka and Krishanu became best friends.But did not speak loudly. It was really after the ups and downs of my life that my sister told me to talk to Krishan for a while. Because Krishan had the same bitter experience of life as I did at that time. He was right where I was. ”Seshadri is busy as a housewife now, isn’t she? “Yes, I want to be a housewife anyway. I like to cook and keep the house tidy. But when I was at home, I did not clean my room much. But now I feel more responsible. It was a good experience for me. I do the laundry, the housework, and the cooking.

Do you have any plans to leave the acting industry after marriage? “I do not have high hopes for life. Facing way. I am not banned from acting. Krishan I never know censorship. He always tells me to put my career first. I get involved in acting that I can balance in a way that doesn’t interfere with my family life. ”Seshadri Priyasad is an actress who has been a hope in cinema for a long time, don’t you have any idea to go ahead with cinema? “There is hope. Filming of several films that were supposed to start was stopped due to Corona. Movies cannot be screened at a time like this. The film industry is in a slump. It is uncertain whether he will be able to contribute to a film one day soon. We have to hand over everything on time. ”

With your marriage, it seems that some audiences are unnecessarily digging into the privacy of artists. “One people do work because they don’t have work. Now that people are out of work because of the lockdown, people are looking for other people’s things. So we all have a history. There is a beginning. Things have gone right. Wrong .It’s a lesson for life. It is not good to work on reminding yourself of those things over and over again. Congratulations when I posted my wedding photo on social media. No one had criticized me. Even if there are such criticisms, I do not count them. ”She told a story to the audience who greeted them both. “I have to say thank you to all of them. They always give that kind of love. We did not have time to thank everyone who greeted us on social media. I’ll make this a time together. Thank you for congratulating us all. ” She concluded. However, we extend our warmest congratulations to Seshadri Priyasad who got married.

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