Tharindi Fernando

A collection of beautiful photographs by popular actress Tharindi Fernando

 A collection of beautiful photographs by popular actress Tharindi Fernando

There are many talented actors and actresses in the art world in Sri Lanka and very few of them live in the hearts of the audience. Tharindi Fernando is a beautiful actress who lives in the hearts of the audience by doing maximum justice to the character she gets. She has a wonderful ability to play any character she gets very realistically. She appeared in ‘Good Work’, ‘Inter National’ and ‘Mahapolawa’ through different characters.

Before entering the field, Tharindi worked in a private banking institution. Leaving there was a turning point in her life. She then attended the dance school of Gayan Sri Mal. Charith Abeysinghe was the first to select her for a film. So she tells a story like this about Tharindi’s first love who is loved by everyone like this. ”My first love happened when I was in school. That love lasted about six and a half to seven years. Eventually, for some reason, that love ended. ” Says. Now everyone

It is rumored that there is a connection between Tharindi and Isuru Lokuhettiarachchi. Best friend. Very close to our family. But we do not know what will happen in the future. ” This is a collection of beautiful pictures of Tharindi that you are all in love with

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