how to easily make money from youtube 2022 right now ?

how to easily make money from youtube 2022 right now ?

Actually how to easily make money from youtube | How To Make Money From YouTube Sinhala Karunu

How To Make Money On YouTube? How Much Money Does a YouTube Video Maker or World Wile Video Maker Make From YouTube? Why don’t people come to see me when I create a YouTube channel. And how to create a YouTube channel and take a YouTube channel to the point where you can make money.

Today we will talk about this in full in this article. 

Millions of users like you watch the YouTube Platform of this article on YouTube every day and see what they need inside YouTube. Likeyou watch teledramas, you watch things like YouTube Tutorials, Cooking Tutorials, Gossips.

People are watching this video and there is another set behind this. That’s it for youtube video creators. Simply put, people who spend a lot of time and effort watching these videos. This set also includes people who upload videos and videos of everyday life as a hobby while staying at home, as well as professionally Youtubers. Or Professional YouTubers. People who spend their time and effort making YouTube videos have the ability to make money in dollars inside YouTube.

One dollar is now more than 200 rupees in Sri Lankan currency. Imagine how much money people make between 1000 and 100,000 dollars a month. In fact, YouTube is a social media platform where anyone can make money, and in this online field, for example, people from 7 year olds to 70 year olds are successfully making money on YouTube. Personally, I’ve seen a lot of people create content on YouTube because there’s really nothing to do in this corona era.

Explain Google Adsense And 4000 Watch Hours

First we will tell you how to make money from youtube. Basically we can make money from youtube through adsense .So this is the way most youtubers in the world make money. This is how AdSense really works. Simply put, some company submits their ads to YouTube. YouTube pays a lot of it and gives us a part of it. In the past we could make money as soon as we created a YouTube channel. But now the situation has changed. If we want to make money from our channel we have to complete 4000 watch time with 1000 subscribers. Take it in hand.

OK, so you need to create a YouTube channel. First you need to have a gmail account. It is very easy to create. If you search for how to make gmail account on youtube you can also learn how to create an account. OK. Then you need to go to YouTube. First you need to sign the account from the phone or pc or the device you are going to. Now you can go and name the channel. After adding a name, you can add a logo and a cover photo if you like. Now it works. You have a youtube channel. Now you need to start making videos.

First think about what category you are doing. Then select the category you like and start making videos. Now you have a problem how do we make these videos. I will simply say it is a good app and Basic Software that you can use. You go and download it now. First of all I have to say. I do not get any profit from this. Two I recommended.

Simply make videos (The best SOFTWAIR)

You want to make videos on YouTube with software. Download Filmora. This will make it easier for you to edit.

Download Filmora Softwair – Click Here

Download Premire Pro Softwair – Click Here

Make videos The best APPS

Download Vivo Video Editor – Click Here

Download Power Directer Video Editor – Click Here

If an app tells you that the best app I can recommend is Power Derecter And Kinemaster. So, if you want to learn all these things from the beginning, watch YouTube. Step by step I will teach you about this on YouTube. So you will be able to edit a good video from these things. Make as many videos as you can and share them with your friends so that you can get a good number of views. Somehow you have to make 4000 watch hours in a year with 1000 subscribers.

Now I will tell you a way to make your videos popular among the people by paying money. You want to take your videos among the people for money. There are two main options to choose from. If you have the money, you can use both at once. 

1) Google Ads

2) Facebook Ads

 So you can make money and make your videos famous through these two methods. Google ads is a method of Google itself. This is a really successful way to spread your videos to others. There are plenty of videos on YouTube about this from the beginning. Go check them out and you’re taken the topic I put up. Okay, what do you do after you complete Watch Time 4000 and Subscribers 1000? OK, if you have completed these things, you can now create an AdSense account. It is really a simple task. After creating AdSense, go to the monetization tab of your channel and click the enable button.After that YouTube will accept your request after a while.

So today we briefly talked about YouTube Money.I will explain more about this in the future through videos and articles.If you have any questions at the moment, please leave a comment below. Comment on what you think about this article as well as what you need to bring to the fore.That is, we will meet in another article like this.

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